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Giganticus Headicus

Giganticus Headicus


Exciting news! Giganticus was chosen as a stop on the Cheez-It Roadtrip! Visit the Cheez-It Real American Roadtrip site to enter for incredible prizes and see Giganticus!  The contest is sponsored by Cheez-It and Walmart.

Giganticus Headicus is a 14 foot tall Tiki head on Route 66 in Kingman Arizona. It was created in 2003-2004 by G. Arnold.

Giganticus Headicus is featured in the February issue of Phoenix Magazine that should be on newsstands by the 10th, and is on the website now, and was ranked the 7th best out of 52 places to go in their “52 Weekend Adventures” issue! The author is Laurie Davies and we can’t thank her enough, it is totally awesome and flattering that she chose Kozy Corner for her article. Here is the link:http://www.phoenixmag.com/lifestyle/things-to-do/201002/52-weekend-adventures/


And in Automobile Magazine (Jan 2007), in a Promo shot for the Nissan Infiniti G35 (page 52), and in an ad for Automobile magazines Photo Competition.
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